Electric AC & DC Motor Repair

In our 24,000-square-foot facility, we repair many different types of motors and pumps. Our 4 overhead cranes can lift 20 and 10 Ton respectively. We have a two-shift operation with shop activity from 6 AM – 10 PM, Monday – Friday. Running two shifts improves the turnaround time needed to repair and also helps reduce overtime expenses.

Motor and Generator Repair

We have completed many repairs on mill motors and generators including armature, tig welding, turn and undercut commutator, vacuum pressure impregnation, shaft machining or replacement, and even load testing, as explained below.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation allows us to provide a cooler running motor as well as higher quality service. After this treatment, it is baked in 1 of our 2 bake ovens.

 By performing Load Testing with our 800 Hp Dynomometer, we can test your motor under a loaded condition before you put it into service. This process provides assurance that the motor will withstand the loads you need to run an efficient and trouble-free operation.

We are set up for 24-hour emergency service with pick up and delivery services available.

Dynamic Balancing

To provide smooth operation and reduce your motor’s vibration to the absolute minimum, we perform dynamic balancing both in the field and at our shop. Our balancing machines have capacity up to 10 ton.

24 Hour AC DC Motor Rewinding Services

Field and compole rewinding services are available 24 hours a day by technicians with over 30 years experience in the motor repair industry. AC Stators, DC Armatures and AC Wound rotor motors are wound and tested exceeding EASA standards.

 UL Authorized for Explosion Proof Motor Repair

Harrison Electric is authorized by Underwriter’s Laboratories to repair explosion proof motors that are designed for use in hazardous locations. Each motor is repaired to UL specifications before it is shipped. Division and class of an explosion proof motor is described on the UL tag installed on every motor.

In-House Machine Shop

Motors and generators often require hard-to-find, if not impossible-to-find replacement parts. Our in-house machinists can custom tool required parts for motors and generators we repair when the parts are not readily available. Machining motor repair services include:

  • Boring and Sleeving
  • Weld Turn-cut Keyways
  • Nickel Plating
  • Shaft Manufacturing
  • Dynamic Balancing

In-house machining allows us to continue working on your repair and avoid spending valuable time waiting for replacement parts to be located, shipped, or custom-made elsewhere. Bringing in new equipment to meet your custom tooling requirements allows us to continue expanding our areas of expertise