Substation Maintenance

Low voltage circuit breakers, high voltage circuit breakers, relays, switches, motor control centers and transformers can be cleaned and tested during a planned outage at your facility, or in our shop. Thermal scanning could precede the outage to pinpoint possible problem areas for repair. 24 hour services is available to meet time constraints.

Switchgear/Substation Maintenance and Repair

We can troubleshoot and correct substation problems ranging from nuisance tripping of circuit breakers to total failure of equipment. Analysis of data recorded with our Power Monitoring Instrumentation can pinpoint hard-to-find defects. When switchgear fails, the lights go off and the machinery stops running. We will be there to get you back online, Quick!

Transformer Services

  • Through inspection
  • Turn to turn ratio testing
  • Rewinding
  • Busing repair or replacement
  • Polarization Index testing
  • Hi-Potential testing
  • Power Factor Dissipation testing

Circuit Breaker Services

  • Primary injection testing
  • Reconditioning
  • Relubrication
  • Contact cleaning
  • Retrofitting to solid state trips

Circuit Breaker Manufacturers Serviced

  • ABB
  • Cutler-Hammer
  • Federal Pacific
  • General Electric
  • ITE
  • Siemens-Allis
  • Square D
  • Westinghouse

Why Switchgear/Substation Maintenance?

  • Correct problems and defects on scheduled downtime, not emergency downtime
  • Determine areas to address for future repair
  • Avoid catastrophic and very expensive failures

Existing panels can be repaired or new panels can be built from scratch. Motor starters, circuit breakers, disconnects, fuses, and other items can be found in our warehouse. If we don’t have what you need, competitive pricing can be found using our network of surplus equipment dealers.